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Dust Control


Products And Application.

Since 1901, California-Fresno Oil Company has had one simple goal. Do the very best job of providing each customer with the products and services that meet their needs and expectations.

Beginning in the 1930's, California-Fresno Oil Company applied that philosophy to dust control services. Over the intervening seventy plus years, we have seen many changes in products, techniques, and equipment. Each time a new product has proved it could genuinely benefit our customers, California-Fresno has embraced it. Products such as Dust-Off®.

Today our product line includes petroleum and non-petroleum based materials in response to our customers desires for a wide range of inexpensive, environmentally safe products. The application equipment we operate today is state of the art, so each time we apply a product the customer will know his requirements were placed precisely and accurately.

The technical expertise of our staff is second to none, so we can extract the maximum performance and value each time we perform our service. Just as we have throughout our long involvement in dust control, California-Fresno is prepared now to respond to the emerging issues of tomorrow. We are already prepared to assist you with PM-10 Dust Control Plans, Water Quality, Ground Contamination and Human Health issues that each of us must deal with in this new century.
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Dust Control