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The Key To Pavement Preservation.

Your parking lot or driveway has much in common with your house, your car, your yard and your electronic devices. The longer you postpone maintenance, the greater the damage and the more expensive the repair. Although most people paint their houses regularly, change their car's oil on time, mow their yards and do upgrades on their electronic gadgets, keeping up with the driveway and parking lot can be daunting.

For preventative maintenance the seal coates are the products used. Corrective maintenance products would be the crack repair products excluding the hydropatch along with the seal coates and emergency repair would be the hydropatch with the seal coates.

Yet pavement maintenance is the key to pavement preservation. It is a planned maintenance strategy aimed at prolonging the life-cycle of the pavement. It is to retard future deterioration and maintain and possibly improve the functional condition of the pavement.

There are three types of maintenance, preventive, corrective and emergency. Understanding which product to use when will assist you in repairing and preserving your pavement appropriately.

It is with this thought that we offer products, tools for application and guidance to assist in maintaining the integrity of your pavement allowing you to maximize your investment by extending the life cycle of your paved areas. The "guidance" is found under the Do-It-Yourself portion of our web page. We also have the video posted on YouTube and available for viewing at our office. The following is meant as a guideline in understanding the products we carry and when they could be used.