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Since 1901.

In 1891, August Ruschhaupt moved from Los Angeles to Fresno where he began to construct a soap factory and tallow works. Since there were no railroads through the valley at this time, the Los Angeles and San Francisco manufacturers of soap were having a difficult time servicing this market. The soap factory did quite well over the next couple of years and, around 1893, he sent for his brother Karl to come from Germany to Fresno. In approximately 1898, it became apparent to him that, with all the agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley and the one-cylinder irrigation pumps that were burning engine distillate, there was a need for a refiner of petroleum products.

The Ruschhaupt brothers got together in 1901 and formed California-Fresno Oil Company. They hauled crude oil from the Coalinga area to Fresno with mule-drawn tank wagons. This wagon is what California-Fresno Oil Company now proudly displays as its distinctive logo.

The oil business progressed nicely in the early 1900’s, with the production of engine distillate for the irrigation pumps, residual fuel, and fuel oil to heat the homes in the Fresno and surrounding counties. In approximately 1917, they had a fire in the refinery and it burned down. At that point, due to new technological advances, it would be quite expensive to rebuild the refinery to modern standards.  Therefore, they decided to continue in the distribution of gasoline and petroleum products and not rebuild the refinery.

Through all those years the family continued to run the company based on service, dependability and quality goods. In 2016, The Shehadey Family took over the operation of California Fresno Oil Company & continues to distribute petroleum goods throughout the San Joaquin Valley to industries and agriculture as it has done since the beginning. California-Fresno Oil Company is a major distributor of dust control products for agriculture and industry in the western United States. The company also operates a transportation business (California-Fresno Transportation Company) providing the same service its customers have grown to expect.

California-Fresno Oil continues to base its reputation on quality products, honesty and superior service that the customers have come to expect for over 100 years.